From 01.09.2009 to date  
  "Maître de Conférences" (assistant professor) accredited to supervise research - Faculty of Pharmacy, François Rabelais University of Tours (France)  
  Scientist of the UMR 1282 University-INRA Infectious diseases and Public Health, Team 9: Parasite Immunology, Vaccinology, Anti-infectious Bio-Therapy  
  Evaluation of the adjuvant properties of glycosylphosphatidylinositols from apicomplexan parasites  
  From 01.10.2000 to 30.08.2009
  Scientist in the laboratory of Parasitology , Philipps University of Marburg (Germany)  
  Investigations on the modulation of the host innate immune response by glycoconjugates of parasites  
  From 01.02.2000 to 30.09.2000  
  Post-doc in the laboratory of Immunology, Academic hospital of Amiens (France)
  Signal transduction in pre-B cells