3rd year Pharmacy (L3), Tours (France)  
  Human trypanosomiasis  
  Human filariasis  
  Methods of diagnostic in mycology and parasitology  
  4th year Pharmacy (M1), Tours  
  Intestinal Protozoa  
  Methods of diagnostic (intestinal parasites)  
  Larva migrans  
  Travellers' diseases: vector-borne parasitic diseases  
  Vaccine strategies from research to development : History of infectious diseases - Definition of vaccine - Recombinant vaccines - Adjuvants  
  3rd year Pharmacy (L3), Tours  
  Master 1 Life and Health Sciences (SVS), Tours  
  Recognition of parasite molecules by Toll-like receptors  
  Master 1 Cellular and Molecular Infectiology, Vaccinology, Tours  
  Human trypanosomiasis
  Master 2 Cellular and Molecular Infectiology, Vaccinology, Therapeutic Antibodies, Tours  
  Introduction to vaccinology – Recombinant vaccines
  3rd year Pharmacy (L3), Tours  
  Methods of diagnostic (intestinal parasites)  
  Intestinal Protozoa  
  4th year Pharmacy (M1), Tours  
  Human filariasis - Human trypanosomiasis - Larva migrans  
  8th semester of Biology (M1), Marburg (Germany)  
  Ausgewählte Kapitel aus der molekularen Biologie parasitärer Protozoen and Spezielle Virologie und Parasitologie:  
Basis of Immunology and Apoptosis  
  Biological effects of protozoan glycolipids  
  Institute of Formation of Technicians in Biomedical Analyses, Amiens (France)  
  Nature and function of genes  
  DES (Diploma in specialised studies) of medical biology, Amiens (France)  
  Immunology: Apoptosis  
  Institute of Formation in Nurse Care, Amiens (France)  
  Basis of Immunology  
  DEA Enzymatic Engineering, Bioconversion, Microbiology, (equivalent to MSc) Amiens (France)  
  Cell communications in immune response : Apoptosis